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You have 12 hours since the order was placed to make any changes or cancel your order. If this time frame is passed, your order will be processed in our system automatically and nothings can be changed at this time. A deduction of 25% of total order value will be applied as processing fee if we receive a cancellation request after 12 hours. The following information is able to change:

  • Shipping information: shipping name, address, contact email, etc...
  • Name: You can request to change names on design
  • Design & Quote: You can request to change some components in design on front or quote on back. This process will be take longer time than other requests since our designers need to re-make design. Please preview your design carefully before add product to cart. 

Invalid shipping address:

  • Shipping address will be verified by USPS street validation before processing orders. If we found that your shipping address is invalid or missing parts, your order will be held. We will contact you three times via your email to verify your shipping address. The first one will be sent after we found errors, followed by the second one which will be sent after 12 hours of the first one. The last email will be sent after 12 hours of the second one. In case you do not response our emails, we reserve the right to cancel without your permission. 
  • In case the shipping address is invalid or missing parts when verifying on our system, but you confirm that it is correct. We will process the order but do not take any responsibility if the package can't delivered to you due to incorrect address