Personalized Coffee Mugs For Unique Gifts

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Personalized mugs can make a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone. Whatever the occasion is, it’s really easy to find a suitable photo or personalize one from our custom coffee mugs collections. We at Empiredgift, have a lot of interesting ideas to create unique gifts. You can find cool mugs for every family member and most of the major holidays.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

The Best Personalized Mugs for Family

The best way to add some joy to your family morning’s first coffee is with funny mugs that are personalized for everyone. Our collections are an absolute breeze to create and there are plenty of different templates to choose from. Whether you’re going for a cheeky family snap or looking for pre-animated characters that you can still customize, you’re in the right place.

Personalized Dad Mugs

Most dads would appreciate any gift but you cannot go wrong with a funny coffee or tea mug. We believe that every present should be personalized. This is why we offer a variety of customizable mugs and cups that can make every dad feel special. And this is all there is when it comes to spending a holiday or celebrating any occasion with your father. Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day mug or just want to make your dad happy, we believe you can find something in our dad collection,

Personalized Best Friend Mugs

Best friends may not always be spending time together but when they do, they certainly know how to have a good time. Nothing beats catching up with your friends while sipping a hot beverage. This is where our funny coffee mugs for best friends come in. You can order one for everyone from the crew and customize it by your looking. Choose the message that suits your gang the best and customize the characters. It’s a sweet gift that will only strengthen your relationship.

Personalized Sister Mugs

There is nothing like a sibling relationship. It’s one of these love-hate kinds of bonds that only grow stronger with years. As people, we try to emphasize the good moments and cherish those. Take a look at our sister mugs collection, we believe there’s a perfect design that you can customize and have a personalized gift for your beloved sister.

Personalized Brother Mugs

We have quite a selection of metal and other camping mugs that are perfect for every adventurous person. Do you happen to know someone like that? Could this someone be your brother? If so, you’re definitely in the right place. Of course, we can also offer a regular coffee mug but with the option to be customized to your brother’s liking. You can include yourself or the whole family in the design as animated characters. Go on, check out our options, we believe you’ll be happy with the available designs and personalization options.

Personalized Family Mugs

Whether you’re attending a big family gathering or just a regular dinner at your parents’ house, you can always find something to surprise them with. While many people opt for luxury presents, we believe a cheaper gift can shine the spotlight when personalized the right way. This is where our cute coffee mugs come in handy. You can have the whole family in a single mug. Get one for everyone, so you can think of each other even when you’re not together. Why a mug, you may ask? Because everyone deserves a hot beverage now and then.

Personalized Sibling Mugs

Do you spend enough time with your siblings? Maybe you know siblings that need a reminder of how happy they can be when together? Whatever the case is, check out designer cups, specifically created for siblings. Get your favorite sib happy with a unique gift, and while you are at it, customize one for yourself. If you like it, your brother or sister is most likely to enjoy it as well. See the collection and pick your favorite design now!

Personalized Bridesmaid Mugs

Have you found the right man to spend the rest of your life with? First of all, congratulations! The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll need a bridesmaid to be by your side. If you haven’t announced the wedding yet, you can surprise your soon-to-be bridesmaid with a little gift. Imagine your bestie is coming for coffee and you serve it in a personalized coffee mug that reads something like “I can’t tie the knot without you.” That’s a nice way to announce your wedding, but it’s also never too late to do the same if your bridesmaid is already aware of your wedding.

Personalized Couple Mugs

Have you ever asked your better half, “What do you want for Christmas?” and received the answer, “nothing?” When you’re out of ideas or have a tight budget, there is still something adorable that you can do for your lover. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to bring joy, all it takes is a little something and make it personal. This is what we specialize in and namely personalized mugs that are great for hot and even cold beverages. You can customize the mug with a few clicks. You’re getting an affordable, low-effort present that will make your partner smile.

Personalized LGBT Mugs

Do you know someone that would appreciate a hot, comforting, and sweet drink in a happy mug that is cute and personalized? This could also be a great gift for someone that is openly supportive of the LGBT community. Check out our collection, choose the type of mug/cup you think is best, customize it to your liking, and make someone happy.

Personalized Memorial Mugs

There are many ways to remember your loved ones who have passed away, and getting personalized mugs with their likeness is a good way to create a lasting reminder to carry that memory with you wherever you may go. We know that personalized memorial mugs can help people carry on while cherishing the good times and memories they’ve with deceased friends, family members, or pets. To give you this opportunity, we create custom coffee mugs that you can design and enrich with the pictures and text that help you remember those you’ve lost.

Personalized Cat Mugs

Everybody who has a cat knows how funny and adorable our feline friends can be when we are with them, which is why we offer personalized mugs that can be made to represent everything your fluffy kitten stands for. Such personalized cat mugs are also ideal for people who want to make a gift to a person who loves their cat above most other things. With many custom options available at your fingertips, you can create cute mugs that show cats at their best – playing wildly, dropping glasses from the table, chasing a light pointer, or doing anything else.

Personalized Dog Mugs

Dogs are always there for us, and what better way to emphasize that point than with our personalized dog mugs. Use the freedom that comes with designing personalized mugs and create one that reminds you how playful and loving your dog is or how much you love your canine friend. Of course, you can also create a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one that you know will be happy to receive a large mug with the lovely image of their beloved dog. After all, our dogs think of us all the time, so it is only fair that we get to think of them every time we get a hot beverage in a mug.

Personalized Coworker Mugs

Whether you like to make your coworkers happy for no particular reason or have to come up with a witty gift for a certain event, personalized coffee mugs are the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of wasting time finding a gift that you may later determine to be unremarkable, opt for giving your colleagues, yourself, or the entire team personalized coworker mugs that will bring you together and resupply you with joy during a hard day at work. A coffee mug might not look like much, but your hard working colleagues are sure to appreciate it.

Personalized Sister In Law Mugs

If you are new to the family and wish to show your sister-in-law how much you appreciate her, consider the personalized mugs option. You can use your imagination to the fullest and create black or white personalized sister in law mugs that carry a profound message or an inside joke. The images you use on your custom insulated mug can be entirely up to you, and that will give you the opportunity to create something original that will show your sister-in-law how much she means to you.

Personalized Father In Law Mugs

Displaying your crafty nature to your father-in-law with our custom mugs is a good way to show respect, break the ice, or just make a good gift. You can try to create various designs for black or white personalized father in law mugs and choose the one that you like the most. Using what you know about your father-in-law, you can easily create his favorite new coffee mug. All you have to do is play around with your options, and you will have a unique gift that demonstrates your commitment and can deepen the bond between you.

Personalized Mother In Law Mugs

Where would the world be without all those mothers-in-law who care for us, take care of our kids, cook amazing dishes, and help in every other way possible? Fortunately, those who have a mother-in-law do not have to worry about such thoughts because they know they have someone to lean on in times of hardship and someone to laugh with in times of joy. If you are one of those people and want to give some of the love back, a simple but thoughtful gesture like getting one of our personalized mother in law mugs is a good way to do so.

Personalized Grandma Mugs

What can you give to a person like your grandma who has seen it all, knows it all, and cares little for trivial items and pointless gifts? Well, an insulated mug designed by you that targets your granny’s amazing nature is not only something she does not have but is also certainly not something useless. Help your grandma think about you when she has a cup of coffee or tea with one of our mugs. Use any of the Seven different colors we have available and create personalized grandma mugs for you and your granny!

Choose a Personalized Mug for Every Occasion

To make your job at finding the best coffee mugs easier, we have grouped some of our collections based on different occasions. Regardless of the season and the event you’re about to celebrate, we believe you can find something that will be appreciated for a long time. We at Empiredgift, believe in personalized presents, therefore all our items can be custom-tailored to the recipient you have in mind.

Personalized Halloween Mugs

Many people love to love Halloween, and you are probably among them. Our cups and mugs will allow you to feel the holiday spirit as you can create a mug that fits your Halloween theme and ideas. You can even stuff the mugs with candy and prepare them as a giveaway during trick or treating. Our personalized Halloween mugs are also a perfect addition to any office event held in the spirit of the celebration and ideal as a gift. Choose from black, white, and two-tone mugs and use every color available to create the most amazing Halloween mugs!

Personalized Christmas Mugs

Christmas certainly has its charms and affects people across the globe every year, sometimes months in advance. To get ready for the festivities, you probably like to set up decorations around the house, dress in a themed sweater, and spread the joy of the holiday through any means you have available. Now, with our mugs, you have one more option for your presents and decorations. Create personalized Christmas mugs for the whole family and make each one different or get the perfect one for yourself. Either way, you are sure to feel the Christmas spirit.

Personalized Thanksgiving Mugs

On Thanksgiving, people have many customs to observe and celebrate the blessing of the year, but probably the most important one is to give thanks for the people and things they have around them. A good way to follow that custom is to give your loved ones something that will remind them you are grateful for their presence in your world. Using personalized mugs to achieve that effect is a good way to send a message of true gratitude to those who really matter. Use our custom options and make personalized Thanksgiving mugs for your loved ones!

Personalized Wedding Mugs

Whether for your wedding day or that of a friend or family member, making personalized mugs as a present to the newlyweds or the guests at the event is a great idea! The personalized weddings mugs we offer can serve as a wonderful memento to everyone who has attended. Such custom, cute mugs will undoubtedly carry more emotional charge than gifts like regular or even crystal glasses because they can have a certain personality about them. Our custom mugs can be made truly special, especially if you decide to use the two-tone black and white version.

Happy Mornings, Happy Days

If you are still wondering whether getting a custom mug is the right choice for the one-of-a-kind person in your life, think about their morning routine. Wouldn’t you want it to start with the happy thought of having a truly special mug to keep their much-needed morning coffee nice and hot? For many people, Monday mornings are a real challenge. With a mug made especially for them, your loved ones will have something to look forward to every single day, including Mondays!

Versatile and Thoughtful, Yet Super Affordable

The best thing about mugs is that they are not only a sentimental gift that can be used in a number of ways (e.g., to store tea/coffee, as a pencil holder, or a home decor piece), but they are also a very affordable gift idea. If you are on a tight budget but still want to show your bestie you are the best — a custom mug will send the right message.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom Mugs

If you are considering getting a custom coffee mug for your loved ones, you might have some questions about our Mug Collection. Check out the answers to some of the questions we usually receive from our customers!

Why custom mugs?

A custom mug is unique

While mugs alone can often be seen as mundane pieces of cutlery we use in our everyday life, when they are customized to the person who will be using them, everything changes. Personalized coffee mugs are great conversation starters and a fantastic way to brighten up your bestie’s mood on a gloomy day.

A custom mug is thoughtful

Who doesn’t love to receive something made especially for them? Even if they end up using it to keep their pens and pencils instead of as a coffee or tea mug, this gift is still an adorable and thoughtful gesture. Whether for their birthday or as a way to celebrate a milestone, custom mugs are an effective way to commemorate those important life stages for your loved ones. If you customize the mug for the event, it will always remind them of it, and it will make the mug all the more special.

A custom coffee mug is affordable

Are you on a tight budget? You can still surprise your friend and family with a sentimental and beautiful gift without having to break the bank! Mugs are one of the most versatile yet affordable presents, especially when selecting a custom option. Plus, this seemingly small item can bring a ton of emotions and become your bestie’s favorite thing. People love gifts that are tailored to their character and personality, and that is exactly what you can do with an affordable personalized coffee mug.

How can I design my personalized mug with Empiredgift?

It is surprisingly easy! The first thing you need to do is visit our Mug Collection page and scroll through the mugs we offer. When you find a design that fits the occasion and your preferences, you need to click on the respective page.

Once there, it is time for the fun to begin! All of our product pages have an easy to navigate design, and the customization process is intuitive and simplified. On the left side, you can see the mug, and on the right side is the customization panel. Usually, it starts with choosing the number of people in the picture as well as the message that will be on the other side of the mug.

Then you can write the names of the people and choose everything from their appearance to their accessories. You can track how things change on the design in real time by checking the left side. The design will automatically change with every tweak you make so that you know exactly what the mug looks like every step of the way.

What occasions can I make custom mugs for?

The best thing about choosing a funny, heartfelt, or cheesy mug from Empiredgift is that we have designs that are perfect for virtually any holiday and every occasion.

Starting with major holidays like Thanksgiving (also celebrated as Friendsgiving, wink wink), Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, you have a dizzying number of carefully curated designs to choose from and customize for each of these occasions. We also have options that are perfect for birthdays, weddings, memorials, lovers of the ‘Friends’ series, anniversaries, and just because!

You can also choose a mug with a humorous message that is not specifically made for a certain holiday or event, but that is exactly what would make your bestie crack a smile (or two).

Are the personalized coffee mugs microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe?
In addition to offering high-quality ceramic, enamel, and insulated mugs, we also make sure that they come with easy maintenance. All our mugs are safe to put in the dishwasher and the microwave, so you do not have to worry about hand washing them or using another mug to warm up a beverage.

With our mugs, you can instantly get your cold tea, coffee, soup, or even hot cocoa nice and warm in the microwave. You can rest assured that the print will stay intact both in the dishwasher and the microwave. Keep in mind, of course, that high temperatures can affect the quality of the print, so it is best to limit temperature exposure to about 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

What color options do you offer for custom mug printing?

With Empiredgift, you can get a two-tone, black or white mug as a base. Our custom mug printing, however, offers any type of color or palette you can think of. Starting with different skin tones of the people in the mug design, all the way to their clothes, hairstyles, scenery, and virtually any element — you have a wide range of colors to choose from.

We do our best to make virtually any element easy to customize in the color you or your loved one would prefer. This includes design elements of the quotes and messages we also offer for each mug.

What kind of design options do I have?

Once you have chosen whether you want a ceramic, insulated, or enamel mug, you can go through the design options in the drop-down menu. To reveal it, you first need to pick the type of mug and the number of people depicted on the design. This will expand the design options, which we have discussed in another section of this blog.

Much like with our other products (ornaments, tumblers, cards, etc.), you can completely transform an otherwise simple mug into a beautiful work of art specifically tailored to the gift recipient. The design options on our personalized mugs will impress you! You are welcome to contact us if you do not see a particular design option you would want to have.

Can I add collages to my photo mug?

That depends on the mug design you have chosen. Our personalization options allow you to basically recreate a photo or a collage you already have in an animated form. This will not only be a beautiful and cute gift but a truly unique mug as well. If you still want to upload a photo or a collage of your own and you do not see that option in the particular design you are reviewing on our website, you can always contact us with your questions and requests.

At Empiredgift, our goal is to help every customer enjoy a pleasant experience with our brand, and we would go to great lengths to ensure you get the perfect personalized mug, be it for yourself or your best friend. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What other items can I get to match with my personalized mug?

If you are looking to make your gift extra special, you can add a range of awesome personalized items from our wide array of options at Empiredgift. Some of our top sellers include wine tumblers, Christmas stockings, ornaments, greeting cards, canvas prints, posters, throw pillows, fleece blankets, garden flags, and a range of apparel.

You can customize each of these items, either with the same or similar design to the coffee mug you have chosen for your loved ones or it can be a completely different design that you know they would love.

Our custom coffee mugs pair wonderfully with personalized ornaments for Christmas and are a fantastic combination with our tumblers for Thanksgiving. Pair the mug with a warm fleece blanket for a winter gift and a poster to celebrate endless summer adventures.

What are the different mug materials you offer?


At Empiredgift, we only work with durable ceramic material that is safe for drinking. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe. Ceramic mugs are perfect for everyday use because they are sturdy and hold well over time. They are not easily scratched or damaged and are perfect for keeping tea and coffee hot for longer periods of time.


Everyone needs a good, insulated mug in their kitchen. Perfect for those who are always on the go, our insulated mugs are made from quality stainless steel that is rust and stain-resistant. They offer superior temperature retention throughout the day. There is a two-layer air seal that ensures your bestie’s favorite beverages will always stay at the right temperature.


If the recipient is an adventurer, then an enamel mug is just what they need. Made from high-quality steel with enamel coating, these mugs are the best companion for camping trips, hikes, and outdoor activities. Plus, they are eco-friendly and reusable, which makes them a sustainable choice for many.

Why does a personalized mug make a brilliant gift?

Coffee mugs may be a rather cheap gift, but when you add a custom photo, they become one of the most thoughtful and sentimental presents you can make to a loved one. Plus, what better way to surprise your friend or family than with something small they will get to use every single day. That is right, each time he or she makes their morning coffee, their unique custom mug will make them smile and think of you.

By choosing a photo mug for your partner in crime, you will send just the right message to let them know they hold a special place in your heart. Not every great gift comes with a hefty price tag, and our custom photo mugs at Empiredgift prove just that. All it takes is a couple of minutes for you to choose the photo and design elements, and your custom mug will be shipped in the following days. How simple is that!

What photo size fits on a mug?

The size of photos we can print on a mug depends on the size of the mug you choose. The size proportionately increases based on the quantity of liquid that the mug holds. Generally, for an 11-oz mug, the size of the photo should not exceed 7.5" x 3.15", while for a 15-oz mug, it should be around 7.8" x 3.4". However, it is best to contact our team to inquire further about the size of the photo you want for the particular mug design you have in mind. That way, we can offer a much more accurate response and answer any other questions you might have about your order and our printing options.

How much oz of tea or coffee can the mug hold?

Based on the design and material you choose, each mug has a specific amount of coffee and tea that it can hold. That typically ranges from 10 to 15 oz, which is more than enough space for any coffee or tea lover to enjoy their favorite beverage.

What is more, some designs allow you to choose the mug size you would prefer (e.g., either 11 or 15 oz). Small or large, your bestie is bound to love his or her customized mug, not because of its size, but because it came from you!

How many photos/pictures can I put on the mug?

It depends on the mug and its design. The mugs that come with ready-made designs offer a dizzying number of customization options. You can choose everything — from the number of people in the image (up to five) to their names, hairstyles, hair color, and clothes. Some mugs even allow you to further customize them by choosing a range of accessories (e.g., a Christmas or a winter hat), drinks, sunglasses, and other items.

With our impressive range of mugs and personalization options, you can easily create a truly unique mug that can depict you and your loved ones in the most authentic way. The majority of our mugs are two-sided, which means there is a lovely message on one side and an image on the other. That way, you are using the full capacity of the mug exterior to customize the design and show your bestie how amazing they are to you.

How do you print on Mugs?

At Empiredgift, we take pride in the great quality print we offer on all our mugs and items. We have specialized equipment that allows us to accurately recreate your favorite designs and make your dreamy mugs come true.

Our digital print is not only of superior quality, but it also offers great durability. As long as you do not subject the mug to high temperatures (above 482 Fahrenheit), it will serve you or its owner for many years to come.

We print all of our mugs in the USA, and our worldwide shipping makes it possible to order a unique yet affordable custom mug for your loved ones from any part of the world.

What are your payment methods?

Our goal is to make our products as easily accessible to customers as possible. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept cash and personal checks, but you are more than welcome to use PayPal or a credit/debit card. All payments must be made in full and all prices are listed in US dollars (USD). For those ordering from countries outside of the US, there will be an exchange rate applied if you decide to pay in a different currency.

We value security above all, which is why our checkout page is secured by SSL encryption to ensure your data is protected. All sensitive information will be sent directly to our financial service provider, and it will be erased as soon as the payment is confirmed.


One of the options to pay your purchase is PayPal. When you choose it, you will be redirected to the platform where you can complete the payment by logging into your account. You will receive a notification email from PayPal as an invoice.

Credit/Debit Card

Empiredgift accepts all major cards — American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Network. Your card will be automatically charged after you hit the “Place your order” button. Some banks might apply a transaction fee, so keep that in mind.

What about delivery?

We are really proud of our delivery statistics. About 96% of our packages typically arrive at the respective destination address earlier than the estimated time of delivery. It usually takes between four to eight business days for orders in the US, while our orders for countries outside of the US arrive for about seven to 15 business days.

We have offices both in the US and the UK:

US address: 2055 Limestone RD STE 200-C Wilmington, DE 19808, US

UK address: 24-26 Arcadia Avenue, Dephna House #105, London, United Kingdom, N3 2JU

You also need to keep in mind that there could be delays due to the peak season (Christmas time), so it is best to check the Delivery section on our website for updates and announcements. It would be our absolute pleasure to have you as a customer!

If you would like to learn more about our personalized mugs and gifts, feel free to browse through our collections and blog page. Empiredgift is all about offering unique, quality products at fair and reasonable prices. We have you and your family’s gifts covered!