Some advice for males to gift something to your sweethearts/ wives

by Finnlab Operation on Jan 20, 2022

Some advice for males to gift something to your sweethearts/ wives

As product experts, we spend a lot of time testing and researching the best gifts for your sweethearts/ wives. Now, we're making it easy for you to access all of our gift guides in one place, so you always have some ideas up your sleeve.

If you're still recovering from the insane amount of money you spent on your significant other during the holidays last year, Valentine's Day might be your least favorite day of the year. That’s the reason why you may see her sulking about not being in your priority. But fear not; although you can't (or at least you shouldn't) skip the day altogether, you can still find a ton of cost-effective gifts at

To help you take the stress out of shopping for your sweetheart, we’re giving you some guides including wide range of price from low to high, you'll find plenty of affordable gifts that will win the heart of your Valentine this year.

1. Cut-shaped keychain for a revolution

Well this is our new arrival in January of 2022. Keychain is a key to open her heart, an image of both of you embracing each other is a statement that she belongs to you whether she attaches it to keys, backpack or purse, she can take a piece of your heart with you wherever you go. The keychain is showing off the world “Leon” is name of her boyfriend, right? 

2. Ceramic mug for a cozy night

This seems to be a traditional gift but very useful when both of you are sitting next together and have some hot coffee at night. Customizing an image of kisses of both is also an excellent collectible and keepsake with an enduring design that will appeal to anyone, whether she brings it to office or uses it as a home decoration.

She certainly feels you’re a romantic man when seeing romantic quotes on mugs. Those messages are confessions adding some flavor to your love.


3. Two tone mug for a deep kiss

“You may hold my hand for a while but you will hold my heart forever”, similar useful like ceramic mug but for sure that a two tone mug will attract her attention more than any gift by the mouth mug. Don’t think it’s just a little change, if your girl are a kind of person loving cute things, she’d interestingly jump up and give you a kiss after seeing names of two printed on mug.

4. Wine tumbler for endless adventures

Are two of you planning to travel one day? If the answer is yes, preparing a couple of wine tumblers is a good idea. Personalizing a couple of tumblers is to show how you appreciate memories of two, how details you care about to customize her animation image on these tumblers. Remember! Love is small things and never forget details, you’ll make her fall in love with you again.