Galantine’s Day: Every Day Could be Galantine’s Day with Your Best Friend

by Jessica Ley on Sep 26, 2021

Galantine’s Day: Every Day Could be Galantine’s Day with Your Best Friend

Even though ‘Galantine’s Day’ is made up, it is still a holiday worth celebrating with your best friend. Valentine’s Day celebration has for years left single people, especially ladies feeling left out. So, why not celebrate your amazing friend a day before all the fuss about Valentine’s?


What is Galantine’s Day?

Galantine’s Day, though unofficial, was created as a holiday on February 13th to celebrate friendships. It was started and popularized by Amy Poehler’s fictional character in Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, who described it as girls celebrating girls. 


What to Know About Galantine’s Day?

Galantine’s Day was from the widely-loved fictional character, Leslie Knope, the deputy director of Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, Indiana. The show's writer centered episode 16 of the show around Leslie's favorite February tradition, called Galantine's Day.

Leslie celebrates the Day with the joy of female friendship with friends and co-workers through excessive gifting and a bunch of waffles.

Within a short period, the unofficial holiday skyrocketed into something popular. It has gotten to a stage where businesses created Galantine's Day promotions to honor the celebration. Group spa discounts, special happy hours, and brunch discounts are popular ways the Day is celebrated.

The fictional holiday has helped fill the void Valentine's Day creates. A void that leaves single ladies feeling alienated by the mere existence of a lover's holiday.


How to Celebrate Galantine’s Day with Your Best friend

Galantine’s Day is all about you and your girls. It about reconnecting, gift sharing, and doing something that shows appreciation for one another. If you’re the one making plans to celebrate Galantine’s Day, what activities can you do?

  1. Go for a Hike or Walk

Things move fast these days that we forget to enjoy quality time with friends and just… well, walk. When last did you take a stroll with your best friend?

You can as well go all out and make arrangements for a hike with your friend. It takes your mind of routine and clears your mind. Reconnecting with nature is great, but do it with someone you care about is something you'll always look back to appreciate.

  1. Get Your Friend a Personalized Gift

Galantine’s Day is about appreciating your girlfriend in any way you can. You can do just that by getting your friend a gift.

You can get your friend a personalized mug, card, canvas, hair, t-shirt, etc.

  1. Cook Something Together

With tons of cooking apps at our disposal, you can easily make plans to cook and feast with your best friend. Cooking a meal together inspires relaxation and conversation. It makes you a team eating something you both made.

  1. Send Your Friend Lunch

If your friend lives far away or meeting up to celebrate Galantine's Day is not possible, you can instead send her lunch. Your friend receiving their favorite lunch will always be appreciated. It is a thoughtful gift, and it shows you care about her.

  1. Book a Mani-Pedi

You can schedule a manicure and pedicure session for you and your friend. It is also a great way to connect while maintaining that beauty. It’s relaxing and a great way to catch up.



Although Galantine’s Day is unofficial, it is just as important as any other holiday of love of care. We should always steal any opportunity to show our friends and loved ones how much we care about them. To celebrate Galantine’s Day, you can as well get your friend a personalized gift to show her how much you love her.